Kaapikudil is an authentic beverage chain. It is designed to offer both tasty and healthy products. This exclusive coffee chain is designed to rejuvenate you and lift up your mood. The dedication and quick service of the staff along with their day-to-day practices focussed on hygiene and safety adds to the attraction. Kaapikudil comes as a refreshing solution for everyone with its numerous brews and unique flavours. Every cup is filled with the goodness of health that will leave you wanting for more.


- Be a leading service provider in the continuously growing food industry by providing quality food and beverages with high standards, taste and freshness to our customers

- To have 100 food joints generating 50 crores by 2017

- Promote healthy eating style by serving nutritious products on daily basis


- Create a strong and prosperous company by providing unique healthy, consistent and exciting eating experience to all our customers

- To create ongoing Win-Win Partnerships with our employees, franchisees and suppliers